Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Court Affirms that Florida's Gay Adoption Ban is Unconstitutional!!

Out of the great state of Florida, the 3rd District Court of Appeals - in a unanimous 3-0 decision - has ruled that the lower courts decision - that the gay adoption ban in Florida was unconstitutional - was correct.

From the Court Ruling, which can be found here..

According to the judgment, “Florida is the only remaining state to expressly ban all gay adoptions without exception.” Judge Cindy Lederman, after lengthy hearings, concluded that there is no rational basis for the statute. We agree and affirm the final judgment of adoption.
Excellent News out of Florida. Though this decision may be appealed to the Florida Supreme Court, it can be hoped that Governor Christ - since he is for gay people adopting - will not attempt to appeal the ruling.  But the same can't be hoped for from current Attorney General Bill McCollum.

The Miami Herald also has an excellent piece on the history of the litigation here.

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