Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NSW Gay Adoption Would Lead to More Abortions

Yesterday I reported on how the religious adoption agencies in New South Wales are fighting against the proposed gay adoption bill being debated in Parliament today. I also explained how MP Moore has caved to their pressure by allowing them to be exempted from this bill. Well, things are going a bit farther than they were yesterday, for now with that exemption, religious arguments are the least of bill proponents worries, as the Daily Telegraph reports...

At a rally against the Bill yesterday, Liberal Party powerbroker David Clarke and Christian Democrat Fred Nile warned abortions would increase if gay couples were allowed to adopt
"Any mother putting up her baby for adoption would never imagine that their baby would be brought up by two male homosexuals or two female lesbians," Mr Nile said.
The Premier of NSW Kristina Kennelly, though a staunch Catholic, supports the bills passage the way that it is, but her former rival is proposing an amendment to the legislation...
...to ensure people who offer children for adoption will not face legal action under anti-discrimination laws if they refuse to let a gay couple adopt their child.
Not only are these two issues unbelievable, they show how far those who oppose gay adoptions have come. Even though the two major adoption agencies in Australia are in favor of this bill, for those in opposition to claim that this will increase the rates of abortion (since mothers will not want their children raised by the evil gays) and that parents should be able to deny that their child be put in a good home just because the leaders of the household are gay, shows the clear bigotry of these politicians.  This bill was supposed to remove discrimination in New South Wales, but if all of these amendments pass, separate but equal has won again.

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