Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lady Gaga a Minister??

Though keeping up with pop-culture is not usually the type of fare that I write about on my blog, as i is full of rumor mongering and untruths...I could not help but discuss this article...and how, if it is true, sadly funny it is. According to British Magazine Metro, Lady Gaga is wanting to file with the state of California to become an ordained minister... rumors of which she wants to do because she wants to marry gays on stage.
"It seems there’s not much Gaga can’t do, so being involved in her fans’ wedding ceremonies is just the latest box she wants to tick.
The Alejandro singer is reportedly trying to be ordained in California, now that the state is moving towards legalising gay marriage.
She was famously against Proposition 8, that rules against same-sex marriages, and she wrote on her Twitter page: ‘At the moments notice of PROP 8 DEATH I instantly began to write music.
A source told Heat Magazine that the star has already taken an online course and is set to undertake the full paperwork to become an ordained minister."
Personally if this is true, I find it sickening. Not for Lady Gaga's sake, I mean she can marry whomever she wants, but for those couples who want to get married by her. Has marriage become a flashy sort of event, where we have celebrities officiating? Do marriages mean anything anymore? Or is this kinda going to be the gay style of the Las Vegas wedding?


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