Saturday, August 28, 2010

The GOP's Undoing

Much hoopla is being made today about Glen Becks “Restoring Honor” rally in D.C. on the steps of the Lincoln memorial. Though the rally, by all looks of it, was one of non-political machinations and seemed to be focused on bringing people together rather than dividing them, it will be hailed as a conservative rally, one where conservatives are showing just how much power they have and how they are going to take the country back from the evils of liberalism and godlessness.  Though there were a lot of people at the rally, upwards of 500,000 as is being reported by Politico, the Right is not as “organized” as it appears. Yes, the Republicans will most likely capture the House this coming November and possibly even the Senate, but these temporarily gains by the GOP are no match for what the party will be experiencing in the years to come. The Republican Party of today is made up of three groups; The Religious Right, the Libertarian Economist, and the Angry WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)…a combination of which will doom the party to failure as it alienates those in the middle.

The Religious Right, a group that came of age in the late 1900’s with the influences of Phyllis Schafley, Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, and James Dobson, has exerted a large influence on the Right ever since. But with the recent ruling out of California on Gay Marriage, the movements power has shown to be steadily declining within the GOP. In the 2004 election being anti-gay was all the rage – as that was the way for the GOP to convince the “values voters” to come out to the polls. The Supreme Court decision out of Massachusetts instilled in these voters a sense of fear in “the gay”, that “the gay” would mean the end of the world as they knew it. The GOP fanned these flames, their politicians railed against the threat to the traditional family structure and how that would be the end of American Values and would start a “Christian persecution” by the Liberal elite.  Fast forward to 2010, when Judge Vaughn Walker in California overturned the state’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and the GOP hardly makes a sound? Yes, there are the few Republicans who decry the “activist” judge in a San Francisco courtroom, yet the majority of the party stay silent. They realize that times are changing; for as more gays and lesbians come out, people have a harder time – especially independents – voting against overt discrimination.

The Libertarian Economist (exemplified by the Tea Party) does not know what he believes. When is it right for the government to get involved in any personal affairs? Is Medicare Ok? Social Security? Education? Energy Programs? The Libertarian Economist (LE) mindset can be seen in the candidacies of Sharron Angle in Nevada and Rand Paul in Kentucky.  They would much rather eliminate government, than use government to achieve parity at all. If you are rich, you should stay rich; if you are poor, it is your fault and your fault alone and no one should help you. The debate raging over healthcare reform in this country shows the true nature of the Tea Party. Most of the movement – based on demographical surveys – are those peoples who can afford such things as healthcare, and food on the table. Thus an overreaching Government is “disastrous” to their comfortable way of life, because it forces them to acknowledge that there are people that are suffering and that have less than they do.  They view government as a threat instead of a helper, because to them, anyone who needs the government at all is a leech. Those who depend upon governmental assistance are the dredges of society, and there is no way that they (the LE’s) want their hard earned money to go to such scumbags. Individualism reigns supreme for the LE. They don’t care about their fellow man, for the LE thinks about themselves first and foremost.

The Angry WASP wants to sting anything that it can find. Whether it is immigrants in this country (exemplified mostly by the Latino population) or those who think differently than them religiously (the Muslims) they lash out, fearing that the days of White Protestant supremacy in American is almost over.  We have heard, over the discussion of recent Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, that this is the first time in our nation’s history that there would be no Protestants on the High Bench. We have heard that Islam is not a religion and instead is a political ideology and that its practitioners are hell bent on destroying the United States. This type of discussion has lead to an outpouring of anger and hatred against Muslim Americans (not only over the Ground Zero Community Center project, but also over Mosques all across America). It has lead to anti-Muslim violence (exemplified by the recent cab driver stabbing in New York City). And it has lead to a rise in such movements as Glen Becks “Restore America”, a platform whose goal is to restore America to its spiritual foundations – to which Beck and his supporters would say, is Christianity.  The Angry WASP views all who disagree with him religiously as “the other” and “the enemy”, an idea propelled by the likes of people such as Rush Limbaugh and Beck. The scary thing is, this is the same rhetoric by which Nazi Germany accustomed the German people to viewing the Jews as the others, thus leading the people of Germany to embrace their extinction.

Now how are these three groups going to lead to the GOP’s undoing? First, as the GOP moves away from its anti-gay rhetoric and necessarily embraces marriage equality, those within the Religious Right will become disenchanted. They will not vote at all, as they cannot in good conscious vote for someone who disagrees so fundamentally with their belief structure.

As the Libertarian Economists and the Tea Party gain more ground within the GOP, with their anti-government positions and me-centered attitudes, the moderates, which make up the real deciders in elections, will move away from the Right. We may not see that movement in this election cycle, and the reason is clear. The Far economic branch of the Right has not held power in the recent decades, and thus no-one knows the disastrous consequences of their ideology. But once they gain power and start to implement it, their reign will be short lived.  Thus, as the Right embraces its Libertarian Bent, it will alienate those who it must desperately maintain.

And as the Angry WASP’s again dominate the scene within the GOP with their strong denunciation of amnesty or any sort of compassionate immigration reform they will alienate the Latino population, a population that is growing exponentially within the U.S. and will become a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. Similarly, as the GOP embraces the WASP mentality of “the other”, those who ascribe to religions such as Islam will start to feel persecution themselves and will vote against such persecution at the ballot box.
So how does the GOP plan on pacifying these three extremist groups within the party?  How does it plan on putting a damper on the rhetoric of such leaders as Palin, Boehner, Beck, and Limbaugh? As much as people want to hope that these leaders will be silenced, they will not. And this lack of silence; this pandering (and sometimes lack thereof) to the ideologues within the fringes of the Right, will be the GOP’s undoing.  Soon, if it wants to stay a viable party, it must address these extreme elements within its base. If it does not, Liberalism will once again reign supreme. 

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