Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CNN poll shows Americans Evenly Divided On Gay Marriage!!

In a  CNN poll just released today, conducted between August 6 and August 10, 49% of Americans said that gays and lesbians have the constitutional right to marriage while 51% say that they do not. I personally think that this is a HUGE step towards marriage equality. Poll after Poll is coming out and showing that the American people are embracing the idea that marriage should not be denied because of your sex. Though we are still in the "minority" of 49%, ten years ago we would not have even got that much!! It also shows that the younger the poll respondent the more open they were to gay marriage.  From CNN

Nearly half of all Americans think the Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll.
Forty-nine percent of respondents think gay and lesbian couples have the constitutional right to get married and have their marriage recognized by law, while 51 percent say those rights do not exist.
The gap widens dramatically when age is taken into account. Nearly six in ten Americans under the age of 50 say gay rights are protected under the Constitution. Only 38 percent of Americans over the age of 50 say the same thing.
"This is one of the few instances when independents side with one party rather than falling in between the Dems and the GOP," CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said. "56 percent of Democrats and 57 percent of Independents think the Constitution conveys the right to marry to same-sex couples. Only a quarter of all Republicans agree."

In a separate question, some respondents were asked whether the Constitution should (rather than does) give gays and lesbians the right to marry.
"That's different than asking respondents what they think is currently in the Constitution," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.
In that separate question, 52% said that same-sex couples should have the constitutional right to marry; 46% say the Constitution should not convey that right.

The actual poll results can be found here.

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