Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Christians Take Aim at Inclusive Ontario Education Programs

The group "Campaign Life Coalition" is calling upon the Ontario Ministry of Education to scrap the implementation of its Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy. Here is the CLC's website detailing their position. 

Some policies that the CLC complains about in their little diatribe are.

1. LGBT inclusive organizations in the school - ones that you are not forced to be in.
2. Stating that LGBT people should not be tolerated, but instead should be accepted.
3. Increasing the amount of LGBT authored materials - such as books - in curriculum.

Now let’s see the CLC's issue with each point...

1. LGBT inclusive organizations - like gay/straight alliances
This raises many serious questions for parents. Will schools ask parents for permission before sending your kids to a gay-activist group? Will you even be notified that your minor children are participating in such a group? What if your heterosexual son or daughter is just experiencing a transient period of confusion about sexuality (something that is normal for many adolescents and eventually passes without the need for intervention)? Could participation in such a group or school event actually increase his or her confusion, and become the catalyst for experimentation with homosexuality? Should schools have the right to potentially encourage children into a lifestyle that is dangerous to their health and which carries dramatically higher rates of HIV infection, anal cancers, Hepatitis B&C, chronic diarrhea and many other risks?
2. Acceptance vs. Toleration

 Does this mean that the homosexual lifestyle must be “accepted” by students as normal, natural and healthy - not just tolerated? Remember - we just demonstrated that Wynne’s EIE Strategy document encourages schools to “celebrate” the Gay Pride Parade (which is all about gay lifestyles). 
Further evidence, in the Ministry’s own words, is the fact that the EIE Strategy requires that schools “value” the “full range of our differences”. 
Will educators interpret this to mean your children must fully “value” everything about a same-sex attracted person, including their conduct and lifestyle? 
If engineering “acceptance” in students is the intent of the McGuinty/Wynne EIE Strategy that represents a frontal assault on the moral & religious values of a majority of parents, and a trampling of their parental rights. 

3. Curriculum integration - 
 This formula for judging “inclusive education” is a danger. It is a Trojan horse by which pro-homosexualist educators may attempt to justify violating the rights of parents to direct the moral or religious belief system of their own children, as it regards sexual morality 
Obviously each of these accusations are ludicrous...and shows the bigotry and homophobia of the organization itself; recognizing this charge, the organization states that they are not homophobic or bigoted because…

It (homophobia) implies that all people who hold a "negative" moral view about homosexual acts do so out of hostility or hatred, towards same-sex attracted persons. That cannot be farther from the truth for the vast majority of us who identify as pro-family. Out of genuine love for the same-sex attracted person, we want what is best for him/her physically, emotionally and spiritually. The medical, social and scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows that the homosexual lifestyle is destructive to those who engage in it.  To turn a blind eye to these facts, and simply allow, or even encourage children, to take on these risks, is very far from genuine love.  Who loves more - the parent who rigidly watches that their son doesn't cross the busy road? Or the parent who tells the child, "Go ahead, cross the road - its safe."?

And folks I will leave it at that…this organization speaks volumes for itself.  Hopefully the Ontario Government does not back down on its EIE curriculum, and instead speaks loudly about how organizations like the Campaign Life Coalition do not represent the views of true Canadians. It is sad that in such a great country - where gay marriage has been legal since 2004 - their still exists this kind of rabid anti-gay attitude.

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