Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christian "Truth" - An Affront to a Democratic Society

Today I would like to discuss the idea of “truth” to the fundamentalist, and since we live in a majority Christian society, those fundamentalists take on the religious garb of Christianity, hence my title. What is truth to the fundamentalist, and is this perception of truth compatible with a democratic society?

In the Bible – a book which fundamentalist Christianity must take very very literally – it is stated in the book of 2 Timothy that all Scripture is inspired by God. Regardless of the theological problem with such a verse – as it only accounts for the Old Testament being inspired – the fundamentalist views this verse as the “proof text” that both Testaments are the Word of God. Because God cannot be fallible, according to the fundamentalist, it necessarily means that his inspired Word cannot be fallible. Thus it is the Truth, and there is no other truth than that which God has given us in the Bible.

So how does this concept of truth mesh within a democratic pluralistic society? In a simple phrase – it cannot. You see, the fundamentalist believes that God has given him the Truth. In the fundamentalist mind, the proper role of government is to uphold right (truth) and punish wrong (untruth) – (Romans 13:3). Therefore fundamentalist government must uphold the “truth” contained in Scripture. Anyone who disagrees with this “truth” is rebelling not only against the government, but because the Bible is the foundation for governmental truth, he is also disagreeing with God, and deserves to be punished by Government. (Romans 13:2; 4)

So how does this idea of complete submission to “truth” in fundamentalist government eliminate democracy? It is rather obvious. Because you are not allowed to disagree with the established “theocracy” if you will, any dissent, or want of freedom from the establishment is viewed as rebellion. The “truth” of the fundamentalist state is not allowed to be challenged, because it is from God. Is this a democracy? Is this a country where freedom of ideas and actions are permitted? Not at all. This, my friends, is what we must be vigilant to guard ourselves against. The fundamentalist Christian does not realize the end result of their thinking; therefore it is up to us to educate others on the danger of extremism in society. Tomorrow or Thursday I will be addressing the concept of Freedom within a fundamentalist Christian society so make sure to come back.

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