Monday, August 9, 2010

Breaking News!! Philippines to Enact Workplace Protections for Gays and Lesbians!!

As the United States federal government, states, and cities across the nation continue to debate workplace protections for LGBT people, other countries around the world are realizing that you should not be fired because of who you are. This just in from the PhilStar...

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is drafting new labor policies to protect the rights of women and homosexuals in work places. 
Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said the department has launched a forum on developing a sustainable solution for workplace discrimination. 
“This is a proactive and timely approach towards ensuring equal opportunity and promoting (a) gender-sensitive environment for all Filipino workers, not only in the private sector, but in the public sector as well,” Baldoz said. 
During the forum, representatives of gay and lesbian groups complained that employers turn down job applicants because they are homosexual. 
They said employers still prefer to hire male workers because they are considered stronger and do not need maternity benefits. 
DOLE’s Institute of Labor Studies (ILS) executive director Cynthia Cruz said there is still a lot to be done to bridge the gender divide in work places. She said that in the past, the labor issues faced by homosexuals did not receive much attention.
Congrats to the Philippines!! Though the new regulations are not putting gender expression into a protected class, to have any sort of protection in the Philippines is something to rejoice over!! As more and more countries come on board in establishing workplace rights for gays and lesbians, the United States will hopefully realize that the promises of freedom and liberty are not American values any longer; other nations are outshining the example that we are supposed to set forth.

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