Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Breaking News!! Non Discrimination Resolution Tabled In Memphis because of "Christian" Fears

In yet more, though expected, bigotry, the Christian Right in Memphis, Tennessee have stated that businessmen should be allowed to hire and fire those people whose personal decisions they do not agree with.

From Memphis - EyeWitness News -

A Memphis City Council committee’s plan to move forward with a homosexual anti-discrimination measure is on hold.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010, a number of local pastors and Christians joined a council committee discussion on the matter that would make it illegal to discriminate against hiring gays for city work. The measure would also extend to businesses that contract with the city.

Council woman Janis Fullilove, who sponsored the ordinance, tried to extend an olive branch to the conservative faith based community by amending the measure so as not to extend to churches and church owned facilities. But her efforts came up short.

“I thank you for the inclusion of the churches being exempt,” Pastor Alton Williams from World Overcomers Outreach Ministries Church said. “But there are so many Christian business owners that would be impacted by this; who because of their Christian beliefs or values may feel they would be forced to hire people whose behavior is contrary to their beliefs.”

Williams who sat alongside Pastor Steve Gaines form Bellevue Baptist Church at the committee table said Christians often come under fire when they don’t conform to the normalization of homosexuality and that’s what could happen if the council approved the ordinance as it currently stands.

Williams cited a number of situations where Christians lost their jobs because of their stance on homosexuality, including a Christian counselor who referred a gay couple to another counselor instead of taking them on herself and a Kodak employee from New York.

“Rolf Szabo, a Kodak employee in Rochester, New York, did not want to receive any more memos inviting him to a gay coming out party. He was fired because he would not sign an employee commitment plan.”
Thankfully the resolution is only tabled for two weeks while Council woman Fullilove rewords it to appease the "Christians".

My favorite line from the whole thing was "There are many Christian business owners that would be impacted by this; who because of their Christian beliefs or values may feel they would be forced to hire people whose behavior is contrary to their beliefs."

First of all "Pastor" Williams - I put Pastor in quotations because this man, by opposing this, is very obviously not emulating Christ - most gay people would not want to work for companies that were expressly Christian, we know where and where we are not welcome.

And Second, this resolution would be with companies that the city contracts with...thus these companies would be getting taxpayer money. I do not want MY taxpayer money to be going towards upholding your private religious beliefs. You can do it on your own dime - but when you are getting money from me, I expect that you will not discriminate.

Sadly, I think that the end result to this resolution will be defeat...since the real people who are running the city of Memphis are not the councilmen and women, but instead the high ups in the large Churches.

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