Monday, August 16, 2010

Breaking News!! Mexican Supreme Court OK's Gay Adoptions

I am becoming very very surprised about how progressive our neighbor to the South is looking these days. Today in a 9-2 decision, the Mexican Supreme Court affirmed Mexico City's gay adoption policy, and stated that all other states must also recognize the validity of Mexico City adoptions.

From the San Jose Mercury News.
Mexico's Supreme Court voted Monday to uphold a Mexico City law allowing adoptions by same-sex couples.
The justices voted 9-2 against challenges presented by federal prosecutors and others who had argued the law fails to protect adoptive children against possible ill effects or discrimination, or to guarantee their rights to a traditional family.
Justices voting with the majority argued that once same-sex marriages had been approved, it would be discriminatory to consider those couples less capable of parental duties than heterosexual couples.
The court voted earlier this month by the same margin to uphold same-sex marriages themselves under a Mexico City law enacted March 4.
Hundreds of gay and lesbian couples have married under the law, but city officials have not yet reported any applications by those couples to adopt children.
The law applies only in Mexico City, but other states must respect marriages and adoptions made in the capital.

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