Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breaking News from Mexico!!

Though I will get to the Proposition 8 decision soon - sorry it was not yesterday, but I took a day trip to Toronto - I thought that this also deserved some hurrah, as it will likely be overshadowed in the U.S. because of  the Prop 8 decision. The Mexican Supreme Court Ruled that Mexico Cities legalization of gay marriage did not violate the nations Constitution. From the Associated Press...

The Mexican Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a fledgling law allowing same-sex marriages in Mexico City is constitutional, rejecting an appeal by federal prosecutors who argued that it violated the charter's guarantees to protect the family.
The justices have not yet determined the scope of their 8-2 ruling, however, saying they still need to decide whether it will impact states outside of the capital. 
Justices who voted on the majority side stressed that while Mexico's constitution enshrines protection for families, it does not define what a "family" is.
Hundreds of couples have been married so far under Mexico City's 6-month-old law, which was the first of its kind to be enacted in Latin America when it went into effect March 4.
"It does not appear to me to be unconstitutional," Justice Jose Gudino said during Thursday's session. "The concept of the family established in the constitution ... is an open concept."

Hopefully, when the justices review their decision, they will extend the right of marriage equality to every state within the country. GO MEXICO!!

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