Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank God the Tea Party is at least Consistent

The Washington Post just ran an excellent article on the consistancy of the tea party folks and the recent DOMA ruling by Judge Tauro in Massachussets.


To give a little background, Judge Tauro issued two different rulings, one of which centered around the assertion that the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution does not allow the federal government to intervene in the business of marriage, as that has been a traditionally state affair. Yes there was the polygamy issue, which Conservative commentator Cal Thomas has raised - and which I addressed in this previous post, Utah and Polygamy. Regardless of the polygamy issue, Judge Tauro raised some interesting points, which the Tea Party, in order to be consistent, must accept. Thankfully many have started too.

"I do think it's a state's right," said Phillip Dennis, Texas state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots. The group does not take a position on social issues, he said, but personally, "I believe that if the people in Massachusetts want gay people to get married, then they should allow it, just as people in Utah do not support abortion. They should have the right to vote against that."

Though I disagree with the Tea Party on oh so many things, I can applaud the fact that many of them, because of their pro-states rights ideas, are agreeing - albeit silently with Judge Tauros ruling.

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