Friday, July 16, 2010

Ried, Angle, and the New Poll

With my election 2010 coverage just starting - I have discussed Iowa havent I? - I decided that the election in Nevada is one that we must also watch. It, at the moment, has nothing to do with gay rights, but it has to do with the establishment of ultra-right wing ideology - dangerous ideology I might add - in Congress.

Angle, the republican, as many of you know, is for the elimination of Social Security, Booze, Medicare, and the Departments of Energy and Education. But thankfully, after months of trailing behind Angle, Harry Reid is making a comback.

A new poll from the Las Vegas Review Journal gives Ried a 7 POINT advantage over Angle...can I hear a hooray!!!

The full text of the Las Vegas Reivew Journal article can be found here.

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