Friday, July 9, 2010

The Platitudes of Focus On The Family

Well, with all the recent developments going on in the realm of the gay world, Focus on the Family took the opportunity to send the alarm to all its supporters in an email entitled - "Why Elections - and confirmation hearings - matter for marriage." In it we see the generic oh no the evil gays, but I would like to point out one thing that I noticed from their email...and I am quoting directly from it.
Why Marriage Matters 
It's clear this anti-marriage campaign is moving forward piecemeal because Washington doesn't want to bring the redefinition of marriage to open debate--in Congress, or with the American people. They've seen what we've seen: Each and every time voters in a state have had the chance to protect marriage at the ballot box, they have done so--because common-sense Americans care deeply about marriage and understand that it provides kids with the best chance to have a mom and a dad.

But if the majority of voters in the majority of the states have protected marriage as the union of a man and a woman, why are our federal elected officials so out of step with the will of the people? Marriage and family should be respected and supported by our government--especially for the sake of the next generation. The men and women elected--or appointed--to office have the ability to help shape our country's future for years to come. That's why elections matter, and why confirmation hearings matter as well.

First, we have the generic argument that marriage must be left up to the people to decide, because the people obviously know best. I'm not even going to address that, as that has been addressed by countless others but instead I will key in one particular phrase..."common-sense Americans care deeply about marriage and understand that it provides kids with the best chance to have a mom and a dad." This statement makes the assumption that a mother and father family is the best type. This statement ignores all current research on the subject showing that gay and lesbian couples raise children just as, and sometimes even better than, heterosexuals. But does Focus on the Family address this research? Of course not!!! In their mind, any research that goes against what they think the Bible might say on the subject has to be false. This is the height of Christian ignorance in my opinion. Agree with science as long as it suits your opinion, but when it does not, claim that the scientists have an anti-Christian agenda. I for one thought that Christianity was supposed to be based on the truth, and like I was always taught, the truth - if it is the truth - will always be shown to be right. If only Focus on the Family would stop with the platitudes aimed at appeasing their base, and instead truly address gay and lesbian parenting. Only then will they actually have a legitimate voice in the gay parenting discussion.

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