Thursday, July 29, 2010

NOM Contradicts Itself?? Imagine That!!

Once again NOM has contradicted you will notice in the "pro-NOM" video below that they have just released. Maggie Gahlaggher states that, "It takes courage now, we live in America today, where it takes courage to stand in the public square for the idea that to make a marriage you need a husband and wife."

Contrast this with the virulent opposition that NOM has been giving to the DISCLOSE Act - an act that was defeated in the Senate yesterday as reported here - when they said in an email to their supporters...
Dear Marriage Supporter,
I need your help. The Senate is poised to vote on far-reaching and draconian new requirements for non-profits this afternoon. The bill, known as the DISCLOSE Act, would require groups like NOM to publicly report our donors, and would multiply our current reporting requirements many times over. 
So which is it Maggie? Do you really believe in Courage, or do you believe in it as long as the people you are fighting against dont know your name. That is not Courage...that Maggie, is true cowardice.

Below is the NOM spin video...

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  1. They believe in courage--so long as they can display it while wearing white hoods. Theirs is the courage of bullies. So long as they can keep their jackboots on our throats they're all powerful. If we raise a finger to defend ourselves we're suddenly the big, bad meanies.


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