Sunday, July 25, 2010

Iowa Update - Reynolds against Civil Unions now.

In an astonishing flip-flop, republican lieutenant governor candidate Kim Reynolds stated last week that she does not support civil unions after all. From the WCF courier.

"Earlier this month, Reynolds attracted attention when she told the Iowa Independent that the state could "take a look at civil unions," but not marriage.On Monday, Reynolds said she was mistaken when she said that, and she fully supported a vote defining marriage as between one man and one woman. She also said she didn't approve of civil unions. "I think that's in opposition to the marriage amendment," Reynolds said. "Family is the cornerstone of society, and we need to do everything we can to protect it."Reynolds also pointed out she was among the 18 Republican senators who backed an effort over the last two sessions to get a bill on the constitutional amendment onto the Senate floor for a vote."

Ok, I can give her that. Maybe once she realized that Civil Unions were not the answer she "recanted" so to speak. But in the next paragraph in the news story we see an emergence of her real reason for "switching sides". 

Reynolds said she's also been reaching out to supporters     of Sioux City business consultant Bob Vander Plaats, who came in second in the primary. Republican chances look good this fall, she said, but the party needs to stick together."

So why is this important and why does this one phrase give a hint of why she has changed her Civil Unions position? It is because in the primary election for Governor, Bob Vander Plaats was a candidate who ran almost exclusively on the issue of gay marriage; having the desire to see it made illegal once again in Iowa. Thus, Reynolds is making a great political move here by trying to reach out to former Vander Plaats supporters, most of whom are virulently anti-gay rights. 

Thus, though she might say that she made a "mistake" when she said that Civil Unions for gay couples was an option, it is pretty obvious to any observer on the outside that all she is doing is attempting to win over the support of the former Vander Plaats supporters. Hopefully Iowans will react to this political pandering and not elect her, nor Branstad to office. 

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