Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Governor race we should all be watching

One of the key races in this election for gay rights is one that seems to not be getting alot of media, or gay bloggers attention. It is the governors race in Iowa. On Top Magazine details why this race is key...

Specifically, it is Brandstad's opposition to gay marriage and his running mate for Lieutenant Gov. Kim Reynolds pro-civil unions stance. She is also opposed to gay marriage.

We all knew about Brandstad's anti-gay marriage position during the primary, but we thought that it would not become a large issue in his campaign, because he kinda shied away from it before. But with his pick of Reynolds, and her subsequent remarks, we are seeing that it will become a very important issue in the coming months.  Both Brandstad and Reynolds belive that gay marriage should be put up to a vote by the people of Iowa,

"But the bottom line is this is an extremely important issue, and I believe that Iowans have a right to speak on that,” she said.
Now why is this important? Ever since the Supreme Court of Iowa legalized gay marriage a few years ago, my favorite people, the Christian Right, have been attempting to write their interpretation of scripture into the states constitution. Democrats, who hold currently the legislature and governorship have blocked any attempt to put gay marriage on the ballot. Yet with a Republican governor opposed to gay marriage, it would only be a matter of time before the republicans sway the more moderate leaning Democrats to put it up for a vote by the people. This would be disastrous!!

Many claim that it is undemocratic to not have the people vote on such a key institution such as marriage. Though I see where they are coming from, it is not up for the "people" to decide everything. Political philosophers - from Bentham, Mill, Rousseau, and Locke - have all illuminated why this is the case. When you subject a minority groups rights to a majority vote, the minority will always fail. This is why gay rights opponents can claim that gay marriage has never won at the ballot box. Thus this election is very important for all gay Americans, not just gay Iowans. For we must not let the majority, led by the shrill uneducated cries of the ultra right wing Christians, to restrict the right of marriage that have already been granted to the minority.

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