Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dead Cats and Death Threats - A Non-Discrimination Ordinance Gone Awry.

Memphis, Tennessee is once again engulfed in the throes of hatred and animosity to anything that would make LGBT people more equal. The Tennessee Equality Project reported this on their blog earlier today. 
Last night, Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove informed me that she had received four phone calls from unknown numbers threating her life. Each death threat referenced Fullilove's sponsorship of the LGBT-inclusive employment non-discrimination legislation supported by Tennessee Equality Project. Following these calls, someone threw a dead cat in Fullilove's front yard. Memphis Police have responded with added presence at her home. Fullilove and her family are safe for the moment.
This my friends, is what happens when those who are afraid of losing react. Though some will say that words do not have power, they do. When Pastor Gains of Bellevue Baptist church claimed...
''We believe this ordinance against discrimination discriminates against people of faith. Would a Christian child care center be forced to hire a transvestite?''
Metro Weekly reports,
 Gaines has called homosexuality a choice and not a civil right, and reportedly said the proposal was "dangerous" telling his congregants to contact the City Council. 
Though Pastor Gaines might be "well meaning" in his words that the non-discrimination ordinance will be "dangerous" for Christians; he needs to recognize where the rhetoric of what he is saying leads. As I showed a few days ago, words have consequences, and though actions might not be intended to be byproducts of these words, they are tied inextricably to them. I can guarantee you that the death threats against  Councilwoman Fullilove were motivated by the intense hatred and contempt that the "Church" throws onto the LGBT community. This is not saying that it is only the "Church's" fault; we do not help our cause when we respond to their hatred in anger, for it makes us look like the militants and aggressors. 

Wrapping up, and realizing that i digressed there a bit, I applaud Councilwoman Fullilove for her courage and bravery for standing up and doing what is right. Might we all have the courage that she has. 

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