Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breaking News!! The DISCLOSE ACT and NOM

I just received this email from the National Organization for Marriage, about the DISCLOSE act, an act that is currently being debated and voted on in Congress.

Dear Marriage Supporter,
I need your help. The Senate is poised to vote on far-reaching and draconian new requirements for non-profits this afternoon. The bill, known as the DISCLOSE Act, would require groups like NOM to publicly report our donors, and would multiply our current reporting requirements many times over. 

Under the guise of "campaign finance reform," President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress are trying to push this bill through before the November elections -- while exempting labor unions and other favorite groups. It's a blatant power grab, an attempt to punish political enemies, and it must be stopped. 

Maybe NOM is afraid to report its donors because they will lost support, as people would rather support inequality in secret rather than in public. As the Supreme Court Justice Scalia - with whom I disagree frequently - stated during the case on Washington States disclosure act said this, ""Oh, this is such a touchy-feely, oh so sensitive. You know, you can't run a democracy this way, with everybody being afraid of having his political positions known."

In response to NOM's anti-disclosure stance and lobbying to Congress, let us call and email our Senators, telling them that the DISCLOSE act is essential for a healthy democracy. 

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