Sunday, July 25, 2010

Breaking News From Missouri!!!

Governor Jay Nixon, a moderate Democrat has extended to LGBT state employees, the states non-discrimination policy. The Kansas City Star has the complete story here.
Gov. Jay Nixon used such an alternative method earlier this month, approving an executive order that expands Missouri's nondiscrimination policies to cover people who are gay and those who served in the military.
Under the order — which applies to the executive branch of state government — people cannot be treated differently based on sexual orientation or veteran status for jobs and various state services such as licensing, job training and financial assistance...
Now some people will jump for job at this story, as Missouri currently bars gay marriage or equality because of a Constitutional Amendment, thus any equality is good. Yet others will feel very frustrated, because they ask "why should we have to feel happy and excited about such slow gains in our Civil Rights?" JR Russel at Lez Get Real has a great synopsis of this feeling, albeit while talking about Ireland's Civil Unions bill. 
Yet we can (and should) look on this in a very positively light. Though we are feeling happy about something so "trivial" per say, every step that we make, no matter how small, gets people to thinking about equality for LGBT people. When we have protections in the workforce we can then educate our coworkers about LGBT equality issues, allow them to get to know a gay person; all the while not fearing for our job. That is the positive, for we as a community must not only look at the end result, marriage, but also we must see the progress that we are making each and every day.          

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  1. That means Jay Nixon deserves your support when it's time for reelection..


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