Friday, July 30, 2010

Allied with the Devil - The LCR and Senator Cornyn

Recently, Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas agreed to speak at a Log Cabin Republicans fundraiser. The Times Record News reports...

Staunch social conservative Sen. John Cornyn said he’s accepted an invitation to appear at a gay and lesbian group’s fundraiser in September to seek common ground.
The junior Texas senator in charge of getting Republicans elected to the Senate has voted against same-sex marriage and opposed a recent push to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy prohibiting known gays and lesbians from serving.
 But LCR executive director R. Clarke Cooper said his organization hopes to usher in an era of reconciliation between gay and lesbian Republicans and other GOP members.
The gay and lesbian group has captured the attention of the NRSC, the Republican National Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee, the fundraising arm for House Republicans, Cooper said.
They’ve seen that while wedge issues associated with gays and lesbians might have yielded some small victories, the GOP and some candidates have seen a diminishing return, Cooper said.
“So our role within the party is to help educate current elected leaders … and also educate candidates as to how they can be still true to themselves as far as issues, as far as core conservative, back-to-basics issues without using the gay and lesbian community as a target,” he said.
 Robert Schlein, president of the Dallas Chapter of the LCR, said Cornyn and Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, NRCC chairman, are in a party building mode.
“They understand the importance of reaching out and adding to the Republican ranks,” Schlein said.
Republicans aren’t going to agree on all the issues, but they can agree on core conservative beliefs such as fiscal responsibility, national security, liberty, less regulation in business and the anti-President Obama agenda, he said.
“I, as a Republican, do not want to trade the hope for gay rights for the destruction that’s happening right now in our economic system,” Schlein said.

Though I see where the Log Cabin Republicans are coming from, in trying to build bridges with the Republican establishment,  they are sacrificing themselves to do so. Schlein said in the last paragraph that he does not want to trade the hope for gay rights for a bad economy. This my friends is a flawed notion. The economic doctrine of the GOP is based upon equality of opportunity and the freedom of individuals in society to make choices. A country will never grow economically as long as some of its citizens are in bondage. This is the paradox of the LCR. They will work to make an economic system based on personal freedom viable, yet at the same time support those who work directly against the fundamental principles of freedom.

Please don't think that I am lambasting the Republicans as a partisan hack, I agree with some Republican principles, but when I see gays on the side of those who want to put us into legal slavery, I cannot keep silent, no matter the party. A blogger that I follow Jerry Maneker, goes into greater detail on the Gay Conservative mind.

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