Friday, May 14, 2010

Crossing the Line

As one who just wrote about the Sask. Governments attempt to allow civil marriage commissioners to opt out of performing gay marriages, I thought the following articles would be appropriate. But in this case we have the flipside happening. Myself, normally a champion of restricting what I believe is Anti-gay bigotry find myself appalled at this current law suit going through Britain.

In this case, these people who own the bed and breakfast are not government officials, they are not receiving money from taxpayers, nor are they on public property in any way. They operate a bed and breakfast in their home, and thus I think this suit is ridiculous. Though I might not agree with Mrs. Wilkinson's view, I give her the respect to allow her to enforce her beliefs in her private area.

This being said, this leads to some other questions, for if we assert that being gay is immutable (like race) then by allowing this, there is an increased likelihood that there will be discrimination of other kinds. Though this danger exists, and I would find it terrible for a black couple to be denied a place to stay at a Bed and Breakfast because of their race, I think that the danger to PERSONAL liberty is higher if this suit succeeds. For if it does a precedent has been set that would allow for the government to control ANY speech that it might find hateful or discriminatory, a dangerous thing indeed. Just look at the history of the Alien and Sedition Acts that the U.S. Government passed in the late 1700's and you will see my point.

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